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E-Motion offers the first comprehensive shooting and post production package for digital film shooting and post.

As one of the earliest adopters of the Red cameras worldwide, in the last two years the facility has gained a lot of experience on how to get the best results with these cameras in 6k data - kitting them out with extensive accessories, discs and batteries together with excellent quality Cooke/Red primes and zoom lenses.
red formats
With the addition of Pablo with Neo for the most exacting and critical colour correction and post production work, the facility offers a comprehensive package with the best technology and experienced professionals currently available for digital film work.

E-Motion is teamed up with Alberto Parodi ( to offer the best of the audio world too - live sound shooting in surround, sound editing and mixing to a highly crafted level with a dedicated facility only a few hundred metres from E-Motion’s headquarters. The two companies are currently building a mobile unit for taking all of this on location, and both the cameras and post are capable of shooting and posting in Stereo3d - Italy’s first facility to offer this comprehensively for film making.